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ICP Family GUI Software

Latest version 8.8.1a

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  • Important Note: Starting from Sep-2016 Softlog Systems manufactures ICP2(G3), ICP2-GANG(G3) and ICP2-COMBO(G3) programmers additionally to existing ICP2, ICP2-GANG and ICP2-COMBO. Due to nearly full compatibility (mechanical and electrical) all of them are usually referred as ICP2, ICP2-GANG and ICP2-COMBO respectively.

    If difference is applied then they are referred as “G3 products” and “non-G3 products”.


***New***: new programmer ICP2-Portable(G3)
- down-compatible with existing ICP2-Portable (non-G3) excluding PIC17C support
- separate battery compartment with AA batteries (higher capacity)

* Number of COM ports increased to 256 (old: 128)
* ICP for Windows: COM port is reopened before every operation in order to
  provide correct error message
* Environment Wizard: added Preferences and SER file loading
  (SER for 1-channel programmers only)
* Added DM range dialog

* Added support for new devices:
   ATtiny212       ATtiny412         ATtiny416         ATtiny417
   ATtiny214       ATtiny414         ATtiny814
   ATtiny816       ATtiny817
   ATtiny1614      ATtiny1616        ATtiny1617
   ATtiny3216      ATtiny3217

   ATtiny202       ATtiny204         ATtiny402         ATtiny404
   ATtiny406       ATtiny804         ATtiny806         ATtiny807
   ATtiny1604      ATtiny1606        ATtiny1607

   ATtiny10        ATtiny102         ATtiny102F        ATtiny104
   ATtiny104F      ATtiny20          ATtiny4           ATtiny40
   ATtiny5         ATtiny9

   ATmega8         ATmega8L


   ATSHA204A (contact Softlog for details)

   ATSAME70J19     ATSAME70J20       ATSAME70J21
   ATSAME70N19     ATSAME70N20       ATSAME70N21
   ATSAME70Q19     ATSAME70Q20       ATSAME70Q21
   ATSAMS70J19     ATSAMS70J20       ATSAMS70J21
   ATSAMS70N19     ATSAMS70N20       ATSAMS70N21
   ATSAMS70Q19     ATSAMS70Q20       ATSAMS70Q21
   ATSAMV70J19     ATSAMV70J20
   ATSAMV70N19     ATSAMV70N20
   ATSAMV70Q19     ATSAMV70Q20
   ATSAMV71J19     ATSAMV71J20       ATSAMV71J21
   ATSAMV71N19     ATSAMV71N20       ATSAMV71N21
   ATSAMV71Q19     ATSAMV71Q20       ATSAMV71Q21

   ATSAMC21E15A    ATSAMC21E16A      ATSAMC21E17A      ATSAMC21E18A
   ATSAMC21G15A    ATSAMC21G16A      ATSAMC21G17A      ATSAMC21G18A
   ATSAMC21J15A    ATSAMC21J16A      ATSAMC21J17A      ATSAMC21J18A
   ATSAMD20E14A    ATSAMD20E15A      ATSAMD20E16A      ATSAMD20E17A
   ATSAMD20E18A    ATSAMD20G14A      ATSAMD20G15A      ATSAMD20G16A
   ATSAMD20G17A    ATSAMD20G18A      ATSAMD20J14A      ATSAMD20J15A
   ATSAMD20J16A    ATSAMD20J17A      ATSAMD20J18A
   ATSAMD21E15A    ATSAMD21E16A      ATSAMD21E17A      ATSAMD21E18A
   ATSAMD21E15B    ATSAMD21E16B      ATSAMD21E15C      ATSAMD21E16C
   ATSAMD21G15A    ATSAMD21G16A      ATSAMD21G17A      ATSAMD21G18A
   ATSAMD21G15B    ATSAMD21G16B      ATSAMD21J15A      ATSAMD21J16A
   ATSAMD21J17A    ATSAMD21J18A      ATSAMD21J15B      ATSAMD21J16B
   ATSAMD21E15L    ATSAMD21E16L      ATSAMD21G16L
   Note: RWW operation for SAM D21 with suffix B and SAM D21L is not supported

   CYBL10161       CYBL10162         CYBL10163         CYBL10461
   CYBL10463       CYBL10561         CYBL10562         CYBL10563

   PIC16F19155     PIC16LF19155      PIC16F19156       PIC16LF19156
   PIC16F19175     PIC16LF19175      PIC16F19176       PIC16LF19176
   PIC16F19185     PIC16LF19185      PIC16F19186       PIC16LF19186

   PIC16F19195     PIC16LF19195      PIC16F19196       PIC16LF19196
   PIC16F19197     PIC16LF19197

   PIC18F26K42     PIC18F27K42       PIC18F45K42       PIC18F46K42
   PIC18F47K42     PIC18F55K42       PIC18F56K42       PIC18F57K42
   PIC18LF26K42    PIC18LF27K42      PIC18LF45K42      PIC18LF46K42
   PIC18LF47K42    PIC18LF55K42      PIC18LF56K42      PIC18LF57K42

   PIC32MK0256GPG040   PIC32MK0256GPG048   PIC32MK0256GPG064   PIC32MK0256MCH040
   PIC32MK0256MCH048   PIC32MK0256MCH064   PIC32MK0512GPD064   PIC32MK0512GPD100
   PIC32MK0512GPE064   PIC32MK0512GPE100   PIC32MK0512GPG040   PIC32MK0512GPG048
   PIC32MK0512GPG064   PIC32MK0512GPK064   PIC32MK0512GPK100   PIC32MK0512GPL064
   PIC32MK0512GPL100   PIC32MK0512MCF064   PIC32MK0512MCF100   PIC32MK0512MCH040
   PIC32MK0512MCH048   PIC32MK0512MCH064   PIC32MK0512MCM064   PIC32MK0512MCM100
   PIC32MK1024GPD064   PIC32MK1024GPD100   PIC32MK1024GPE064   PIC32MK1024GPE100
   PIC32MK1024GPK064   PIC32MK1024GPK100   PIC32MK1024GPL064   PIC32MK1024GPL100
   PIC32MK1024MCF064   PIC32MK1024MCF100   PIC32MK1024MCM064   PIC32MK1024MCM100

   PIC32MM0064GPM028   PIC32MM0064GPM036   PIC32MM0064GPM048   PIC32MM0064GPM064
   PIC32MM0128GPM028   PIC32MM0128GPM036   PIC32MM0128GPM048   PIC32MM0128GPM064
   PIC32MM0256GPM028   PIC32MM0256GPM036   PIC32MM0256GPM048   PIC32MM0256GPM064

* Added low-voltage programming for PIC12/16F150x_

* PIC32MZ devices: added submode "Lower and Upper Alias"
* PIC32MM devices: readback is used instead CRC since PIC32MM0016GPL028 CRC
  doesn't work
* PIC24/dsPIC33: fixed Programming Executive false error message (appeared due
  to sticky bit/byte in latest silicon)
* Fixed environment limit for ICP2-Portable (old: 1MByte devices were not allowed)
* Fixed for PC-controlled standalone SQTP
* Updated fuse FICD for DSPIC33EP64MC204 family (PIC24/dsPIC33 with volatile fuses)

ICP Family DLL Software

Latest version 8.8.1a

Pls fill the contact form to get the latest ICP Family Software 

* DLL: FTB9_BUF_SIZE increased to 195 (old: 32)
* DLL: expanded ICP_INFO structure including bytes for future use.
       Currently added iG3PcbType, iG3ProductId and iReserved
       See whatG3_PCB_TYPE and whatG3_PRODUCT_ID
       ***IMPORTANT***: user projects should be re-compiled
* DLL: added functions for SAM C/D IcpLoadSecurityBit() and IcpGetSecurityBit()
* Command Line: added /Y for security bit loading
* Command Line: error message is generated if no action is selected




ICP Family GUI Software v8.1.1aICP Family DLL Software v8.1.1a
ICP Family GUI Software v4.16.1aICP Family DLL Software v4.16.1a
ICP Family GUI Software v4.13.1aICP Family DLL Software v4.13.1a
ICP Family GUI Software v4.12.1ICP Family DLL Software v4.12.1
ICP Family GUI Software v4.10.1ICP Family DLL Software v4.10.1
ICP Family GUI Software v4.9.2ICP Family DLL Software v4.9.2
ICP Family GUI Software v4.8.2ICP Family DLL Software v4.8.2
ICP Family GUI Software v4.7.3ICP Family DLL Software v4.7.3
ICP Family GUI Software v4.6.4ICP Family DLL Software v4.6.4
ICP Family GUI Software v4.6.3betaICP Family DLL Software v4.6.3beta
ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.9ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.9
ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.8ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.8
ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.7ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.7
ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.6betaICP Family DLL Software v4.5.6beta
ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.4ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.4
ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.3ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.3
ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.2ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.2
ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.1ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.1
ICP Family GUI Software v4.4.1ICP Family DLL Software v4.4.1
ICP Family GUI Software v4.02bICP Family DLL Software v4.02b
ICP Family GUI Software v3.01ICP Family DLL Software v3.01

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